What are my needs?

What are my needs? 2017-03-16T15:30:37+00:00

There are never enough hours in the day.

We’ve all said it. Life is busy. Schedules are hectic. Many of us are simply stretched too thin.

That’s where Century Health Systems comes in. We know you want your loved one to remain in his or her home for as long as possible – including after a stay in the hospital. Home care may be the best approach to recuperation following discharge from a hospital or as a means of maintaining and supporting disabled or at-risk individuals in the comfort of their own homes.

The Natick VNA provides skilled services that include nursing; rehabilitation therapy; nutrition and diet support; social services; and home care aide for assistance with daily living activities. For additional information on skilled care in the home, please visit Natick VNA.

Once individuals have completed their course of care with the Natick VNA, they may then need supportive services to help them maintain their independence at home. Distinguished Care Options can be the key to successful care management at home if you are faced with caring for an elderly individual; trying to manage the responsibilities of family, work and an aging parent; or if you are a young parent overwhelmed with the responsibilities of a newborn. We can also help you manage the care for your loved one.

Our compassionate, caring staff can provide home health services, which assist patients with personal care and daily living activities. Our companions offer patients opportunities for socialization. We also provide caregiver support through our respite services. Please visit Distinguished Care Options to learn more.


What kind of programs are available for me? For my company? For my parents? For my kids?

We offer a range of programming for individuals and groups of all ages.

For information about our health and safety training for professionals, please click here.

An overview of how our public health nurse helps to keep our communities healthy can be found here.

We offer a variety of corporate wellness programs, which are run by our health educators, nurses and dieticians. Here is a list of the corporate wellness programs.

Our Early Childhood Health Consultant promotes health and safety practices in childcare settings and positively affects and improves the quality of child care in our communities. Additional information on our early childhood programs can be found here.

Some of our most popular programs include staff training in such areas as pediatric first aid and CPR, defibrillator training, disaster first aid and bloodborne pathogen training, to name a few. For a full list of training programs and descriptions, please click here.

Kids grow up so quickly. We help them navigate the landscape of adolescence through a variety of courses geared specifically to common scenarios. Such training includes babysitting lessons and safety; home alone safety; bullyproofing; internet safety; defining goals and mapping a course to achieve them; and more. Access a full list of course descriptions here.

What if you don’t offer a program I need?

Century Health Systems is very responsive to our community’s needs. We will be happy to address your request and develop a program that meets your requirements and expectations. Please email infochsi@centuryhealth.org with inquiries.

Do you help family caregivers?

According to Caregiving in the U.S., a report published by National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, there are an estimated 44.4 million caregivers in this country. That represents 21 percent of the adult population.

Caregivers often need support in dealing with their many responsibilities, which may include accompanying a loved one to doctors’ visits; working with lawyers and financial advisors, a full-time job; caring for their own children; and more.

Distinguished Care Options provides respite for family caregivers. Our homemaking services cover such tasks as light housekeeping, grocery shopping, and maintaining a safe environment for your loved one. Our companions keep your loved one company and can read to them, listen to music with them, go on walks with them or even watch an old movie with them.

We free you up so you can focus on other areas of your life without feeling the pressure of having to “do it all.”

For more information on caregiving, visit Distinguished Care Options.