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In 2000, in response to a strategic planning discussion, the Natick VNA Board of Trustees voted to reorganize the VNA in support of a revised mission that refocused the VNA on its core business of “certified home care.” There was a desire to expand on community-based health education and wellness services and other private pay home care services, which are not covered by insurances, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Locating these programs in separate corporations – that are not certified for Medicare/Medicaid coverage – would provide an opportunity to grow these services more cost-effectively. In addition, a separate parent corporation could house administration and support staff, all of whom could be shared by the VNA, its parent organization, and any other affiliated organizations.

Effective July 1, 2001, the Natick VNA established Century Health Systems (CHS), a not-for-profit parent corporation, whose purpose includes the following:

  • Providing innovative and cost-effective approaches to the delivery of health care in the community
  • Providing health education services to the general public
  • Developing and implementing – either directly or through affiliated organizations – programs in community health promotion
  • Coordinating the activities of affiliated charitable organizations through establishing and implementing standards for care delivery and management of their operations

CHS employs a CEO, a CFO/COO, a CIO, a Human Resources Director and clerical and business department personnel, all of whom serve both the Natick VNA and Century Health Systems. Century Health Systems also employs an EMT Director and other clinical staff who are responsible for development and implementation of health education and wellness promotion programs that are provided to community and corporate clients.

In January 2004, CHS established New Century Homecare Services, Inc. (New Century), a private pay company that provides home-based support services not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, HMOs or other private insurances. The Natick VNA closed its home care aide department, and New Century hired all employees of that VNA department. Since then, New Century has hired additional companions, homemakers, respite care workers, among others, and offers these and home care aide services to VNA and non-VNA clients.

In June 2013, New Century Homecare Services launched a rebranding initiative and is today called “Distinguished Care Options.”